This portfolio is divided into two sections: Artwork and School Projects.

These are what I currently consider to be my nine best pieces. For each image, I describe the inspiration behind the work, as well as my conscious design choices for the image:


As the name suggests, these are projects completed as a part of my studies at the University of Central Florida:

1. LOCUS FLUX (2018):

Locus Flux Logo

I served as an artist for this project, creating concept art, textures, and particle effects. Below are a few of the assets I created for the project:

Concept art:

(The models were created by other team members)

2. Modular Grand Prix (2018):

Locus Flux Logo

I served as the art lead for this project. Below are examples of art from the game:

First Racer:
(I designed, modeled, unwrapped, and textured the first racer for mgpx)

Screenshots: is the personal portfolio site of artist Daniel Freeman.

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